Step 1 : Search a product

PLANET UNDIES offers 4 different search options :

- Search by manufacturer/brand : Click on one of the manufacturer/brand name on the left part of the page, you then access the manufacturer/brand available products list.

- Search by category : Click on one of the categories on the left part of the page, you then access the list of products available for the chosen category.

- Keywords search : Type your keyword in the top right part of the page and click on Ok.

- Advanced search : You can access this by clicking on the link which is on the top right part of each different page. This search method is the most complete. You can search articles according to a category, a sub-category, a manufacturer/brand, a colour, a size, a pattern, a price range and finally a keyword.

Step 2 : Select

Each search method leads to a set of photos. Clicking on the photos will lead to a detailed view of the product along with its description.

Step 3 : Add to the cart

From this page you may, if you wish, buy the product, mention the colour and the size and then click on Add in cart. This will add the product in your cart. Each time you add a product, the content of the cart is displayed.

Go back through steps 1,2 and 3 to add other products.

Step 4 : Order

On the page presenting the cart content which you can reach thanks to the link situated in the top right part of each page, click on Checkout then follow the instructions:

If you don't have a PLANET UNDIES customer account yet, you will have to create one at this time. You will be asked for your name and address, choose to subscribe to our newsletter and/or club or not. You will then enter your password.

To make your order proceed you will have to mention :
- your payment method (credit card or cheque)
- your shipping method (inupriority or express)
- if it is a gift order and if so write down your personal message
- a special offer or coupon code if you have one

Continue, you will access the recapitulation of your order.

For cheque payment, you just need to click on Confirm order for it to be sent to PLANET UNDIES.

For credit card payment, you just need to click on Credit card payment. You will be redirected towards the site of our bank. At the end of the transaction, click on Return to the shop so as to definitely confirm your order.

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